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Xstamper Re-Inking and Care

Caring for your Xstamper


Xstampers are amazingly durable- which means that they're very easy to care for. However, they do require some minimal maintenance.

How to Use

To use an Xstamper gently press the handle against the paper. Unlike conventional stamps, a hard strike or rocking motion is not necessary. A light press to the stamping surface will ensure the highest quality impression. Allow a few seconds between stamping for maximum ink flow.

The Xstamper’s dyestuff ink is ideal for paper because it spreads into the paper and air-dries quickly. The Xstamper produces less desirable results on surface-treated paper such as photo or parchment, because the coating retards ink absorption. The standard Xstamper in the turquoise and beige mount should not be used on metal, glass or plastic surfaces. We have special stamps and ink for stamping on non-porous surfaces.

Normal usage constitutes daily business uses including stamping on paper, cardboard or other like materials. Normal usage does not include commercial or industrial stamping or any use where the original hand stamp has been modified or used in conjunction with any type of stamping machine

Cleaning the Stamp Surface

Custom-made Xstamper stamps should be stored in a dust free environment. The tacky side of any plastic tape can be used to remove dust or paper fibers, which may accumulate on the stamp surface. Plain rubbing alcohol on a dust free cloth can be used on the stamp surface to clean any dirt that may build up. Never rub the stamp surface hard or allow sharp objects to come in contact with the rubber.


Re-inking must be performed at such time when the stamp impression has become consistently light. Most Xstampers can be refilled through the back by removing the handle. They were designed this way to keep your hands clean and ink free.

Refill only with the original color Xstamper Refill Ink. We have many different models and there are different ways of re-inking. For a complete, illustrated, re-inking instructions please see the package or package insert.

A selection of ink colors is available 10ml, 20ml, and 60ml sizes..

Changing the Ink Color

You cannot change the ink color of an Xstamper. Different colors of the ink have conflicting formulas that may not mix and result in a blurry impression. That's because the pores in our stamps (the little tiny holes that hold the ink) may become clogged when you introduce another ink formula. Also, you may not get a true color, since you are essentially mixing two colors. In other words, you can't go from black to red. You won’t get a true red

Use only Xstamper Refill Ink

All brands of ink are not the same. The formulas are different, and another brand's formula may not mix with Xstamper. Also, some inks are not truly ink, but are actually a softening agent as is the case with gel or jelly stamps. These re-activators simply releases ink from within the product. This type of ink will not work at all, and in fact may damage your Xstamper.